Friday Favorites

Hi hey hello,

So, bringing it back! Friday Favorites! This week’s theme is inspired by all the amazing artists out there who make such amazing works, from jewelry to crocheted goodies. This week’s theme is: Homemade Goodies!

Clockwise, starting from top left. Birdcage Necklace: here  Thing One and Two Hats: here  Owl iPhone Case: here Doctor Who Bowtie: here

1. I absolutely love bird cages. I don’t know what it is about them, but they just draw my eye and in necklace form, that’s just all the better.

2. The Thing One and Two thing, I’ve loved since I was a child. When we brought my youngest sister home, we all had on shirts with our respective number on it. So, these just remind me of that, which brings a smile to my face.

3. Owls = WONDERFUL in my book. All day, everyday. Owls and iPhones, even better!  I love the contrast between the white case and the bronze owl.

4. This is just sheer perfection. First, it’s a bow tie. Second, it’s a Doctor Who bow tie. Third, it is covered in the creatures from Doctor Who. The irony of that is utter beauty, a Doctor Who bow tie.


What inspiring things have you found lately?



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