Immobilized by the thought of you. Paralyzed by the sight of you. Hypnotized by the words you say.

Hi hey hello,

Happy Wednesday all!

Guys… I am not sure that it has hit me that I am actually a college student, that I will be walking this campus everyday for the next few months and then again in January… and so on. Every time I was on campus previously I spent a maximum of 2 days and then went home, never any permanence. Now, even though I am living at home, I spend so much time here that it is starting to slowly sink in that this is where I am for a while. I love it here, honestly. It is a HUGE change from my little high school, in one building, with the same teachers, and with the same students, but it is fantastic.

I don’t know if it is the ability to reinvent myself or the freedom that comes with it, but even though I am busy, IT’S SO AWESOME! No one here knows me, I haven’t grown up with these people. In high school everyone knew everyone. For the most part, we had grown up together. Here, it is so different, I know no one, and no one knows me. They don’t know what a stupid kid I was in middle and early high school. They didn’t see that phase. They haven’t seen the little “emo” kid thing I did for a while. (It was HORRIBLE.) I love this.

How are you other freshmen adjusting to campus life?

Title Lyrics: Shiver – Maroon 5 



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