Why do you sing to everybody but me? Why do I let it go on? You’ve got such a music box song in my head all day long. You fell for a girl with wild eyes, dressed in satin and lace.

Hi hey hello,

Today’s thought is simply this:

For me, so much of what I do revolves around this idea. Will I fail? What happens if I fail? Why is that? That is because I care so unbelievably much about what people think. I mean honestly, who really cares what the one guy walking down the street or that girl in the office thinks? I’m never going to see them again, but one unkind word or mean glance can throw me off for quite some time. But, what if our lives did not revolve around other people, at least what they think. Even better, what would happen if we couldn’t fail?

What if you couldn’t? How different would your life be? What would change?

Title Lyrics: Love You Much Better – The Hush Sound 



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