My hiding place. My safe refuge. My treasure Lord You are. My friend and King Anointed. One Most Holy.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a spectacular Wednesday. Mine was pretty good, went to class, ate lunch, did homework, went to Wakulla. Guys, I love being an intern at Wakulla. It is just amazing. This week we legitimately only had one kid show up, but you know what, even though we didn’t really have Bible study, getting some time to spend with this group of interns (and Cameron) was a great time.

I love the group of people I work with. Ashleigh, Wesley, and Josh are such awesome people to hang out with. They are so amazing. We essentially hung out for a while, then had a time of prayer and reading the Word individually. We got to pray for the youth group and the direction that it is heading now. It was such a great time. Afterwards, we went outside and threw the football. Well, Wesley, Josh, and Cameron did, I stoof and watched (and got eaten by mosquitos).

I absolutely love where I am right now. I love college, my friends, Wakulla. It is so great!

Do you like where you are right now? If not, how can you change it?

Title Lyrics: I Will Exalt – Hillsong 


PS. If you want to check out more of the pictures from my beach trip, and many others that I have taken, check out my flickr.


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