You want my love, my love, my love. Always turning back to you ’til you never let me down.

Hi hey hello,

I hope your week has been going well! Last night I went to The Living Room, the first time they were at Calvary. It was so amazing. I love spending time sitting, singing praises to God, seeking His will for a short time. Life gets so busy that sometimes the most important things get pushed aside. I lose sight of things, the ones that are the most important often times. I lose sight of the big goal in life, to glorify God.

I often get so wrapped up in homework, school, family, life, that I forget that my main goal in life should be to do what God is calling me to do, glorify Him and do His work. Sometimes it’s a good refresher to spend some time seeking God solely, without the distractions of life.

What do you lose sight of? What’s a refresher for you?

Title Lyrics: Honey – The Hush Sound 



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