Oh tragedy has taken so many. Love lost cause it all forgot who you were. And it scares me to think, that I would choose, my life over you. Oh my selfish heart, divides me from you. It tears us apart. So tell me what is our ending? Will it be beautiful? So beautiful.

Hi hey hello,

We had Bible study last night, and man was it good. Middle school girls are really silly… and emotional. I don’t honestly remember it being like that, but I definitely was pretty bad. Anyway, sometime one of my girls said really struck me. We were talking about what we talk about every week, how we are going to live out what we are learning in Bible study and at youth. Not just “Oh, I’ll serve people.” We talk in detail each week about what we are going to do. They all give such great ideas, but so many say that and as soon as they walk out, forget. I can think of a number of adults (myself included) that do this quite frequently.

Last night we split up to talk guys and girls. Ashleigh and I had the girls and we were talking, well, trying to get them to talk. I asked them what was holding them back from doing what they always talked about in youth, and one of my darling girls, Gabe,  said, “Satan.” Bluntly. I mean, I know that he is behind it all, but I don’t really think very often about how Satan truly is behind all the picking, the name-calling, the rejection that can come with truly living out your faith around other people.

We kept talking and as each girl shared, I was just amazed at how much these girls, at the age of 11,12,13, are going through. Living in single-parent houses, living with their grandparents, not having a dad, moms leaving to go follow their boyfriends. When I was that age, the worst that happened to me was that my friend said something mean to me. I cannot imagine being that age and having to deal with all this. Girls are already emotional and moody at that age, but with all of that on top of it, I would be emotional now. I love these girls and it just makes me want to support them and encourage them all the more, because it is obvious that Satan is seriously at work here trying to destroy these young girls’ view on life, and I want God to win out in their hearts. I know I cannot solve their problems, but I want to be there for them, to pray for them, to love and encourage them.

I cannot imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t had people like the interns in my youth group, Doss, Arrington, Burke, Allison. I was so silly at that age, these women helped me through that time so much. Seeing these girls makes me so much more thankful for women like these that I had as a middle schooler to encourage me and love on me, even when I really wasn’t fun to be around.

So, if you will, please stop right now and pray for those kids in your life that are dealing with mind blowing issues, who seem to have the whole world against them, but still seem to be bright and shining kids, who want to serve God.

Title Lyrics: Beautiful Ending – Barlow Girl



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