I’m fooling around. I’m not giving up. I’m making your love. This city’s made us crazy and we must get out.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you have all had a fantastic Monday! Mine started off as a day full of the Monday blues, but by the afternoon, I was feeling a bit productive, which became very productive. I got caught up on some stuff I needed to get done and I am working on another!

Recently I have noticed myself getting drained easier than normal. I just cannot seem to focus and I am restless. I have wanted to take a break and disconnect from technology for a while now, but with everything going on in my life right now, it just isn’t feasible. I mean, I need my laptop for class, everyday, and even days that I don’t need it for class specifically, I need it for homework or reading. The only day that I could legitimately disconnect without making the rest of the week even more chaotic and stressful would be Saturdays, but you know how those days go, I always end up watching some television.

Maybe this weekend will be the weekend that I get to disconnect. I want to spend some time just in nature or relaxing, without the distraction of social media and entertainment. I was able to go outside and read yesterday, granted I was reading a book that I have to read for class, but still, I enjoy the book, so it was kinda nice to relax outside, in the wonderful FALL WEATHER. Seriously guys, I am so pumped about this wonderful weather us Tallahasseeans are having right now! It’s beautiful.

Are you feeling a little restless? What do you do when you get that feeling?

Title Lyrics: Must Get Out – Maroon 5 


PS. Have you noticed my Maroon 5 kick right now? Obsessed with them right now, their music and great.. and well… Adam Levine. Nuf said.


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