There is no one like You. There has never been anyone like You. There is no one like You.

Hi hey hello,

I hope your Monday was good, nothing really notable happened for me, other than getting to Skype with CASSIDY for an hour! Basically made my week! I love that girl.

Anyway, on Sunday, as I said yesterday, Josh gave a great message. He talked about 6 sections of the Sermon on the Mount. He talked about how Jesus came to fulfill the law, not abolish it. These laws are not meant to bind us, they are meant to help us live more fulfilled lives. How much better will your life be if you don’t murder someone? Or if you don’t cheat on your husband? Or if you don’t get angry with people? They seem hard, but once we are transformed by the blood of Christ, they get easier. It’s less of an obligation and more of a desire out of love and respect.

When you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and man am I guilty of thinking this, and we see that Jesus didn’t just die for me and the “good people” of the world, we see that Jesus loves all of the people, no matter their past, present, or future. When we realize that Jesus loves all of these people, it gets hard to hate people, because you are hating someone who Jesus LOVES.

We need to see that not only does Jesus love everyone on earth, but He also died for all of them. When we see this, it puts everything else that He says into perspective and it makes it easier to do what God tells us to do. Faith and love.

Something else that Josh said was a quote from Nick Reed. He said something along the lines of, yes God wants to work in your school, work, county, city, but the only thing standing in the way is YOU. Josh’s exact words, “You’re a jerk.” Cause that is just a hard thing to hear. How often do we feel like God wants to work where we are, but we neglect the things God is telling us to do, thus getting in the way.

What is God calling you to that you are ignoring? Where are you getting in the way? How does seeing God’s love for others play out in your life?

Title Lyrics: No One Like You – David Crowder Band



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