Never thought I’d live to see the day, when everybody’s words got in the way.

Hi hey hello,

Happy Thursday! I hope your Wednesday was splendid, mine was. I met with my advisor and got my schedule all worked out for next semester, and I am PUMPED. It’s gonna be awesome!

Anyway, last night we had Bible study and we talked about Romans 6:18. Josh had Brett Deross teach and it was quite a teaching. He didn’t say much, but the question he left for discussion in our small groups was, what is distracting us from what we are being called to do? Such a God thing that I just talked about that yesterday. I love how God works in these small ways that can seriously impact a person’s life. It is so cool to see how God’s plan is overarching everything that we do!

Romans 6:18 says:

and having been freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.”

I love how simply it states that we are slaves to righteousness, to God, and how that shouldn’t be distracted from.

What ways is God working, in the small details or large events in your life?

Title Lyrics: Everybody Talks – Neon Trees 



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