The morning dove sings with two broken wings. Carry me home, I’m not afraid. The stars in my eyes with shimmering lights. Carry me home, don’t let me fade away.

Hi hey hello!

I hope your Monday was at least mildly not horrible. Mine was alright, pretty much filled to the brim with studying for my exam today. So tired!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready for fall. I put a scarf on this morning and walked outside… and though it wasn’t hot, it was by no means scarf weather. I am ready for scarf weather! I want to wear layers and scarves and boots and not die of a heat stroke. FALL! WINTER! Come quickly!

Tonight is the Living Room again at Calvary. If you can make it, come by at 7. Calvary Chapel on Mahan for you Tallahasseans. It is going to be great, so get pumped. I will be there, so you should be too! I know God really wants to work through what they are doing.

Well, I am tired and probably should be studying so more, so have a great Tuesday!

Title Lyrics: Carry Me Home – The Killers 


PS. How great are The Killers?! Especially their new album!


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