Dancing at discos. Eating cheese on toast. Yeah you make me merry make me very very happy.

Hi hey hello,

I hope your Monday went well! Mine was great! I finally started working again! I have been without a job for a while now, and it is so nice to be back at it. I am so pumped to have a regular income. I’ve been essentially broke for the past few months, so it is going to be great to have a bit of money, even if most of it is going to be going towards the mission trip and my trip to Ft Lauderdale in December.

It feels great to be doing something with my time, while it does mean I will have less time for homework and other stuff, it means I will have something a little more structured in my life, which is awesome! It is so awesome to be working again, I just hope I can keep up this attitude and that it doesn’t get super monotonous, which it probably will, because I am basically doing janitorial duties… But, contrary to the modern opinion, I enjoy cleaning. I am a horrible mix of OCD and perfectionist, so it is going to be clean, and not just clean, it will be SPOTLESS. You should see my room. Organized to perfection. My clothes? Arranged by type and color. My desk? Cleaned multiple times a day. My car? Cleaned regularly. Yeah, I am a bit crazy. I’m that person who cannot get anything done if there is stuff laying around. 

It bugs me that there are clothes sitting on my bed right now just waiting to be meticulously folded and put away. I am gonna go do that.

What are you meticulous about?

Title Lyrics: Merry Happy – Kate Nash



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