And I love the way the way you say you love me so and how you won’t let go.

Hi hey hello,

So, as I mentioned yesterday, Josh gave an amazing sermon Sunday night. So, due to that, I got a bunch of inspiration for the blog! Yay Josh!

So, another thing he talked about was how we are so dependent on God, not just in the, “we need to give it all to God and be dependent on Him,” but in the literal, like we are dependent on God for EVERYTHING. Like, He lets us breathe. He lets us sing to Him. He lets us wake up in the morning. He LETS us do all of this. He is the one that lets us praise Him. It is crazy! Just think about that.

That is really all I have for today, that right there just blew my mind to think about.

Title Lyrics: Tidal Waves and Hurricanes – The Icarus Account



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