I keep on falling I keep on falling short. This world keeps bringing me down. You keep on calling.

Hi hey hello,

So, as you may have noticed, I have released myself from the need to post everyday. I am officially stopping that, and I will only be posting a few times a week, maybe like every other day. Really it is going to be whenever I have something I want to write about!

Anyway, as I write this, I am watching the playback of session 1, and man is it amazing. GOD IS DOING SUCH AMAZING THINGS IN MY GENERATION AND IT IS SO EXCITING! It is so cool.

Last night, I was reading in my Bible and I began reading Revelation 2. Verse 4 says, “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love.”  It struck me hard. I have been in a real dry spell recently, not reading my Bible regularly, not praying without ceasing, generally going in the opposite direction of God. I was wholly dependent upon myself for everything, my own willpower to stop doing something, my own strength to deal with problems. I had forgotten my first love. Jesus is my first love… and I FORGOT HIM. I not only forgot Him, I forsook Him. To forsake means: to renounce or turn away from entirely. I had turned away from God.

At that moment I stopped and prayed that I would fall back in love with God, fall so desperately in love with Him that I could never again forsake Him. God, the creator of the universe, who has the power to stop my breath without uttering a word, and I stop caring about Him. WHAT???? That does not even make sense. Me and my puny self thought that I could make it without Him. It is impossible. In that moment I prayed that God would take over my life and I gave everything over to Him, and you know what, instantaneously, everything seemed to slow down. Those silly, frivolous things that I had been so worried about seemed distant and small. God works in such amazing ways.

Praise Jesus that He doesn’t have mood-swings and isn’t forgetful like I am!

Title Lyrics: Call Me Out – Gungor 


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