At Your name, mountains shake and crumble. At Your name, the oceans roll and tumble. At Your name, angels will bow. The earth will rejoice, Your people cry out.

Hi hey hello,

God answers prayers in the most mysterious ways. For those of you who don’t know, my best friend, Cassidy, has been off at worship college. Many of my other high school friends also went off to college this year. And for the past few months I haven’t really had any close friends. I haven’t had anyone that I can just rant to, or go see that silly movie with, or have real talk with. And to be honest, it has really bummed me out.

I have been praying for a while for God to give me a friend. And no, I am not saying that any of you are not my friends. I have been praying for a solid friend who will be blunt about things I need to do, who will snap me back into shape, who will give me real talk when I need it, who will tell me to shut up when I am being an idiot (which is quite common.) God has been showing me through this time that I have been literally depending upon my friends for my relationship with Him. My friends have been above Him. He has been showing me that I don’t necessarily need friends all the time. I am learning to depend on Him. I am learning to not turn to that friend, but to Him, when I am upset or worried about something. He is the ultimate real talker. He will snap me back into shape. He will be blunt. God is the ultimate friend, because not only will He love me unconditionally when I am being stupid (which is also quite common), but He will show me real quick if I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. He knows exactly what it takes to get me to listen.

And slowly God has been providing me friends, from places I never expected.

Title Lyrics: At Your Name – Tim Hughes



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