My Not So Insta-Worthy Life

IMG_6217_2I was reading through a post once again by one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie over here. She was talking about how life feels small and there are not huge insta-worthy things happening, I was struck so much by how accurate of a description that is of my life.

Most of my days follow the same mundane schedule, get up, go to work, come home, do work for youth, and go to bed. This schedule has really gotten me down recently. Because I am not taking a ton of classes or working full time or bustling around with a crazy awesome life, I get down and get bored.

This post reminded me that  I need to be taking advantage of this time, I need to use this time wisely. God is using this time to grow me and change me into a women of Him. I pray that as I walk through this period in my life, I will use this time that I have to spend more time with God and take time for myself to grow and change.



image originally from here


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