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Hi hey hello,

First off, one of my favorite things is finding out that friends of mine read my blog. It essentially makes me feel ten times better about what I do. I mean, I obviously don’t just write so people will read it. I write as an outlet, a journal of sorts, to put down in words what is going on in my head, but it is nice to see that people actually read it, and enjoy it even!

Anyway, last night at Bible study, Josh talked about something that I love a whole lot. He talked about being a leader in what you are doing. We are all leaders somewhere in our lives. One of my teachers in high school, who was the head of the leadership program, told us that we are ALWAYS leading someone, even if it is only ourselves. Josh was talking about what we can do now to be leaders. He asked the group, and then we broke up into our respective groups. The girls and I talked for a while, it is funny. These girls are so silly and say the strangest things, but sometimes, I can really see where what all of us do out at Wakulla UMC is making a difference in people’s lives.

There was one girl that was really serious throughout most of the time, giving really solid answers to the questions and not getting involved in the craziness that is girls small group. She is sorta new and it is great to see her growing so much.

It is so funny the difference, she was very focused and you could tell that what was being said was speaking to her, then there was another girl, who will remained unnamed, who said that she was thankful that Jesus created cute boys… like the one that she has a picture of on her tablet. Oh middle school. I love my girls so much, but sometimes, they just get me.

I love seeing that what I am doing is making an impact. It’s like confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be!

Where are you a leader? How can you be a leader where you are?

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Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend, or if not, I hope it was a productive weekend. Mine was not necessarily productive, not throughout the whole thing. Yesterday I powered through some school work, stayed up until 1 am doing an AP Lit assignment. It was not relaxing either, Friday night, I was out until 2 am doing something with my school’s leadership program. I would love to write all about it, but the information cannot be disclosed. Not because it is illegal or horrible or anything, but because the leaders do not want to have to come up with a new scenario every single year.

It was amazing though, seriously and amazing time. I am telling you, if you attend CCS and are in high school, I urge you to do the Senior Leadership Program. It is amazing, I have grown so much as a leader through this program. For those of you who do not attend CCS, do some leadership training somewhere. It is so beneficial. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me, not only in school, but in work, and college application processes and what not. It is amazing.

Needless to say, I did not do a whole lot on Saturday, I went to the parade downtown with my family. It was truly amazing, the weather was splendid, the kids loved it. It was their first parade, the way Diana’s eyes lit up when she saw all the horses and police officers, the dancers, and floats. She was awe-struck. I also got to see my best friend’s dad, which was cool. I do not get to see him often and he is fun to talk to, so it was nice to see him. My family finished putting up our Christmas decorations today, got all the outside lights up and the light-up deer and Christmas tree my mother had to have put up. Overall, it was a good weekend, not full of sleep, as was planned, but a nice one.

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How was your weekend? Did you go to a parade? Does your town have a Christmas parade? Do you attend? Do you have leadership training? I know, random right?