Everyday, but all I have is time. Our love’s the perfect crime.

Hi hey hello,

First off, I just want to say, we won our soccer game against our rivals, Taylor County! YEAH! SHOCKWAVE! That is what I am talking about. It was a great game too, they played physical, we fought back (within the boundaries of the game) and one of the guys on my team got a yellow card (it was rather dumb, but I will not comment on it), but we pulled it out. And not only did we win, it was a shut out, 5 -nil. Yeah, that is how my school’s varsity soccer team rolls. Gloating demand now fulfilled.

Second, I am reading a book for school… and I am actually enjoying it. It is not often that this happens, especially since high school started. All these dumb books, (sorry if you like them, just not really my thing), The Chosen, ¬†Dr. Faustus, etc. Now we are reading Frankenstein. I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is awesome, Shelley is such an amazing writer, and to think that this book was devised by a challenge among friends to write a gothic novel about a monster. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Oh, and I have an incredible story for you tomorrow!

Title Lyrics: I Wanna РThe All American Rejects 

What books do you love? Any you could read over and over again? What about books you have had to read for school? Like em? Hate em?



Layla, I’m begging, darling please. Layla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had as fantastic of a Thanksgiving as I did. I love getting together and seeing family that I don’t often see. Oh how, even now, I miss my little cousins (well,second cousins). They have grown so much since last year. They are so funny and busy. They are in school now! I got to see my older cousins and their families, a lot of time was spent astonished at the fact that my graduation is a mere 6 months away (WOAH!), especially since I will be the first grandchild to graduate from high school, at least on my dad’s side.

Enough reminiscing, I have yet another soccer game tomorrow. This game is against one of our biggest rivals, Taylor County. They are big guys who like to play rough and hit you are hard as they possibly can. This rivalry developed the first time we played them, it was a rough game, and so it has continued ever since. Last year, at one of the games, some words were exchanged between a guy on their team, and one on ours. Some racial comments were made and things got a little sticky. The guy on our team is now our assistant coach, so we have a score to settle, sort of. Wish us luck!

I will have all of my Thanksgiving pictures uploaded as soon as possible, I have been really busy, and the Internet, as I stated before, was a little sketchy at the hotel. It will probably be later this week, but it will be as soon as possible! I should probably also find the cord needed to transfer the pictures, that might be a little bit helpful.

Title Lyrics: Layla – Eric Clapton

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? What did you do? Stay in town? Visit family? What weird traditions does your family have?