Contentment“The grass is always greener on the other side.”

I was reading a blog post by the lovely Stephanie Wilson on the topic of contentment.

This is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. I remember all the way back in 4th grade, looking up to the incredible 5th graders and thinking how great life would be as a 5th grader. It happened again in middle school, looking at the 8th graders, and then again in high school looking toward senior year. In every phase of life, we are looking forward to another part of life and believing that this portion of life will be better simply because of where we will be.

This is something I am currently dealing with. I keep looking forward to my life after college, after finals, after classes, to my “real life” with a big girl job and a family and my life laid out for me.

God is really working on me in this area, not only being content in the place in life that I am at, but also using this time to the fullest. God has me where I am for a reason, he has me in this semester off, where I am just working. He is using this semester to grow me and teach me to trust Him.


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Lord we will set our hearts on You! A mighty fortress is our God. A sacred refuge is Your name. Your kingdom is unshakable. With you forever we will reign.

Hi hey hello,

So, Monday night was a special event at my school, well, rather for my school. It was called CCS two.o. The gist of what is was is that it was basically a talk with the parents of the school about the future of CCS. It is so cool what God is doing through people in my community. Not only is He working in mighty ways in the youth of Tallahassee, but also in some of the adult communities of the city as well.

People following God in total obedience is so encouraging to me. I love to see people truly living out their faith in the city and working powerfully for the name of Christ. Just one example of this is a man who used to be the youth pastor at a youth group I attend. He felt called to be homeless for a few months. God worked mightily in his situation. God has brought him into a new ministry downtown, he is now the pastor of a church, Downtown Community Church, where they minister to the urban population. It is so encouraging to see what God is doing through him. There are countless other stories to people simply obeying God and doing what they are called to do here in Tallahassee.

Title Lyrics: A Mighty Fortress – Christy Nockels 

Do you have any stories of people who were obedient to God and were blessed because of it? I would love to here some!


If the bombs go off, the sun will still be shining. Because we’ve heard it said that, Every mushroom cloud has a silver lining

Hi hey hello,

So, today is the day. The big day, Turkey Day, Engorge Yourself Days, otherwise known as Thanksgiving. This day is so widely celebrated as a day where we get together as families and eat food, and then watch football, the eat some more food, and maybe even consume some spirits. But do we really remember why we celebrate this holiday, we are supposed to be thankful for what we have. Now, I do not want to rant on and on, so I will move on.

I want to not just be thankful today, but every day of my life, because I am so blessed. I mean, I have three good meals a day, a big comfy bed, enough clothing, a roof over my head. That is a lot more than a lot of people in the world can claim to have. I also have a family, with two parents and lots of siblings, that more than a lot of people in America alone can claim to have. On this day every year, people sit down and think about what they are thankful for, but then move on. Why not be thankful everyday? I want to be able to say each day that I found something to be thankful for, no matter how huge or minuscule.

I will begin this challenge with a list however, of the things I am thankful for in my life.  I will keep it brief because I have scores of things to be grateful for:

What I Am Thankful For:

  • Family – who love and support me
  • Friends – who are there to kick me into shape when I need it
  • God – to loves me and guides me even when I am a total jerk
  • Music – for keeping me sane
  • You guys! – for encouraging me and keeping me accountable for this little blog

I love you guys! I hope you have a splendiferous Thanksgiving, full of family, thanks, friends, love, and of course a little food. I will hopefully have pictures up from our party this weekend!

Title Lyrics: Cave In – Owl City

What are you thankful for? Family? Friends? Work? School?