Baby Adam’s Journey!

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Yesterday, I mentioned that today’s blog post would be about an amazing story, so I am very excited to tell this incredible tale.

Basically, there was an infant, little Adam, who was born in September at the hospital Dr.Raja and Jessica Paulraj worked at. This child’s parents were unable to take care of him. He was born with a cleft palate and lip, no eyelids, and fused feet. Dr.Raja and Jessica fell in love with Adam. On September 24, the Paulraj’s began the process of adopting little Adam. He became their legal son in early October. He got his passport and visa, ready to come over to the US to have the operations he desperately needed to survive.

They all got here, and found out they were an incredibly large sum of money short, $100,00 to be exact. The surgery was a week away and they needed to raise $100,000. They trusted God, they knew He had a plan, they trusted that if it was His will, He would come through, and He did! Within 1 week, that is 7 days in case you forgot, enough donations were sent in for little Adam to have his surgery. They blogged about it, told friends, sent emails, and with God’s hand guiding the whole process, got the money they needed.

Yesterday, Little Adam went in to have his eyelid surgery. So much prayer covered that OR. That little child was prayed for by innumerable amounts of people. He came out of surgery and is doing great. He is off the ventilator, breathing on his own. They are not sure yet how his eyelids will look and function or if his eye sight will be damaged, we can only pray and trust God.

Please pray for this family has this must be a trying time for them. Pray for trust, love, joy, laughter, peace. If you are able, you can give money to help support his medical care  Click Here!
If you want to follow his story Click Here!

How amazing is God!



Everyday, but all I have is time. Our love’s the perfect crime.

Hi hey hello,

First off, I just want to say, we won our soccer game against our rivals, Taylor County! YEAH! SHOCKWAVE! That is what I am talking about. It was a great game too, they played physical, we fought back (within the boundaries of the game) and one of the guys on my team got a yellow card (it was rather dumb, but I will not comment on it), but we pulled it out. And not only did we win, it was a shut out, 5 -nil. Yeah, that is how my school’s varsity soccer team rolls. Gloating demand now fulfilled.

Second, I am reading a book for school… and I am actually enjoying it. It is not often that this happens, especially since high school started. All these dumb books, (sorry if you like them, just not really my thing), The Chosen,  Dr. Faustus, etc. Now we are reading Frankenstein. I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is awesome, Shelley is such an amazing writer, and to think that this book was devised by a challenge among friends to write a gothic novel about a monster. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Oh, and I have an incredible story for you tomorrow!

Title Lyrics: I Wanna – The All American Rejects 

What books do you love? Any you could read over and over again? What about books you have had to read for school? Like em? Hate em?