Right down the line, it’s been you and me. And loving a music man ain’t always what it’s supposed to be. Oh girl, you stand by me. I’m forever your’s, faithfully.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend! I know I did. Mine was spent with my friend, Kate. She is really awesome and stayed with me all weekend. We spent more than our fair share of time at Starbucks, hung out at the soccer fields for hour after hour, watched White Collar incessantly, and talked about anything and everything. Great weekend overall!

Sunday was especially awesome because I got to watch three good friends of mine play soccer. Winston’s team was playing Matt and John’s. Winston’s won, but it was a pretty good game. It was fun to watch! I got to play with some of the kids whose parents were on those two teams. Two of the boys were so funny. They were young and liked to pick on the other, older boy. It was so much fun!

Title Lyrics: Faithfully – Journey

What did you do this weekend?



I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone,” but all that’s dead and gone and past tonight.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend! Mine was pretty good. Saturday was spent doing nothing but rereading Catching Fire and Mockingjay and listening to The Hunger Games Soundtrack. I love love love the books and so I decided to read them a second time to refresh my memory a little better. Sunday was spent out on the boat. We went out at Panacea and drove in the boat to Dog Island. Dog Island is an island that can only be reached by boat, there is no bridge or anything connecting it to land. It was a really cool day. I did sadly have to miss my good friend’s soccer game. I hope it went well Winston!

This is my last week before the mission trip. We leave a week from tomorrow. I cannot believe that in one week I will be finishing up my packing and getting ready to head out of the country. This is so exciting!

Title Lyrics: Safe & Sound – Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars 

What did you all do this weekend? Got any big events coming up?


I am so happy, knowing you are the one that I want for the rest of my days.

Hey hi hello,

This weekend flew by! Friday night I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning doing cute little crafts. Pictures to be posted tomorrow! Saturday we had our varsity soccer party. It was really bittersweet. It still hasn’t sunk in yet that next year I won’t be playing soccer with John and the guys, and Kate. Sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing. I had a whole list of homework to do, and only ended up doing a few of the things on my list. It wasn’t even a relaxing day. I ran 4.5 miles and had a migraine for a lot of the day. I did spend that evening drinking Jones soda and shooting off fireworks with my brothers and best friend. That was really awesome!

Title Lyrics: Happy- Never Shout Never

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


Be taken hostage, under the knife’s edge Pay all the ransom for you

Hi hey hello,

Oh how wonderful nights are,when I can actually go to bed before the wee hours of the morning. I feel much better today, much more like posting a fantastic post.

Tuesday, we had our second to last home game of my last year of varsity soccer. We played a high school in town, which for us is not always the case, and we won! The score was 3-0. It was a fantastic game. Everyone played phenomenally. It was amazing. The team we played were also really good sports. There was only one guy on their team (who happened to be the smallest guy on the team), was kind of a butt. He got a yellow card, and when the coach asked what for, the ref said “He said the f word like 10 times.” It was hilarious. I nut-megged a guy, he thought that was insane, coming from a girl. They are really funny.

Last night a few friends and I went out looking at Christmas lights. I will write more about that later!

Do you guys like to go look at Christmas lights? Do you decorate your house big or not really?

Have a great Thursday!


PS. I got accepted into two colleges now! Score!

Like ships in the night You keep passing me by We’re just wasting time Trying to prove who’s right And if it all goes crashing into the sea

Hi hey hello,

Sorry about not posting yesterday! I got home from an extremely tiring soccer game (which we won!) and basically crashed as soon as dinner was in me. No homework, no nothing, slept. As I write this (every time I write those words, I feel like I am about to say that I am dying or something, but I am not!!!), I am about to pass out, so another no posting day, but perhaps, with some rejuvenation, I will be up at at em to post a rockstar post about my game and such tomorrow!

Title Lyrics: Ships In The Night – Mat Kearney

I love you guys!


Are you gonna waste your time thinkin’ how you’ve grown up or how you missed out? Things are never gonna be the way you want.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had as a splendiferous a day  as I did. There was nothing really particularly special about it, perhaps it is this time of year, or maybe the impending vacation time, or perhaps it is the sense of accomplishment at finishing yet another AP Macroeconomics assignment. I am not really sure what it is, but today has been awesome.

We had another game today, and yes, in case you were somehow counting, we have had 3 games without a practice… It is a bit crazy, but it is a learning experience to say the least. We are doing well, we had our first lead in a varsity level game tonight. That was quite a thrill to be a part of.

I just read a blog post over at Talin’s blog about knowing you are special. This sort of got me thinking about that and how negative our society can be. What if we focused more on the positive, not neglecting the negative because that is how we grow, but perhaps focusing on what we have and not so much what we do not have. Especially in this time of year, we as Americans are all about what we WANT , what if we focused more on what we have and be grateful for that, and turn that into helping others, who actually NEED things. I am not saying that for Christmas this year you should only give things to others and not receive anything, though that would be amazing. Sometimes we do need things, but being grateful for what we do have can go a long way in our perspective.

Title Lyrics: A Praise Chorus – Jimmy Eat World

What are some ways we can help our society this Christmas? How can we try to focus more on the positive?


Everyday, but all I have is time. Our love’s the perfect crime.

Hi hey hello,

First off, I just want to say, we won our soccer game against our rivals, Taylor County! YEAH! SHOCKWAVE! That is what I am talking about. It was a great game too, they played physical, we fought back (within the boundaries of the game) and one of the guys on my team got a yellow card (it was rather dumb, but I will not comment on it), but we pulled it out. And not only did we win, it was a shut out, 5 -nil. Yeah, that is how my school’s varsity soccer team rolls. Gloating demand now fulfilled.

Second, I am reading a book for school… and I am actually enjoying it. It is not often that this happens, especially since high school started. All these dumb books, (sorry if you like them, just not really my thing), The Chosen,  Dr. Faustus, etc. Now we are reading Frankenstein. I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is awesome, Shelley is such an amazing writer, and to think that this book was devised by a challenge among friends to write a gothic novel about a monster. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Oh, and I have an incredible story for you tomorrow!

Title Lyrics: I Wanna – The All American Rejects 

What books do you love? Any you could read over and over again? What about books you have had to read for school? Like em? Hate em?


Layla, I’m begging, darling please. Layla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had as fantastic of a Thanksgiving as I did. I love getting together and seeing family that I don’t often see. Oh how, even now, I miss my little cousins (well,second cousins). They have grown so much since last year. They are so funny and busy. They are in school now! I got to see my older cousins and their families, a lot of time was spent astonished at the fact that my graduation is a mere 6 months away (WOAH!), especially since I will be the first grandchild to graduate from high school, at least on my dad’s side.

Enough reminiscing, I have yet another soccer game tomorrow. This game is against one of our biggest rivals, Taylor County. They are big guys who like to play rough and hit you are hard as they possibly can. This rivalry developed the first time we played them, it was a rough game, and so it has continued ever since. Last year, at one of the games, some words were exchanged between a guy on their team, and one on ours. Some racial comments were made and things got a little sticky. The guy on our team is now our assistant coach, so we have a score to settle, sort of. Wish us luck!

I will have all of my Thanksgiving pictures uploaded as soon as possible, I have been really busy, and the Internet, as I stated before, was a little sketchy at the hotel. It will probably be later this week, but it will be as soon as possible! I should probably also find the cord needed to transfer the pictures, that might be a little bit helpful.

Title Lyrics: Layla – Eric Clapton

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? What did you do? Stay in town? Visit family? What weird traditions does your family have?


So this is what you think about, but did you have to say it all out loud?

Hi hey hello,

As many of you know, Break Dawn Part 1 came out on Thursday of last week. My family being who we are, went and saw it yesterday. All of us have read the books, well my mom, dad, and myself have. My expectations of this were pretty low, like way low. I have always disliked the movies because I did not feel they were well done, the books were fine, but the movies were not so much, probably because I do not think Kristen Stewart can act and I am not particularly fond of Robert Pattinson, I do however love the young man who plays Seth Clearwater. I loved him in the books and I love Seth on the screen.

Overall, the movie was better than expected, but since my expectations were so low, perhaps that was not so hard to do. There is a racy scene in it, but for those who have read the books, everyone knew that was going to happen. I also thought it was a little more violent than the others. It was a good movie though.

On another note, I have another soccer game tonight. Since last week was production week, we did not have most of our team for practice. Because of this, we are having practice before the game, getting dinner, and then going to our game, which is a home game, at 7 pm. I love night games, but that is a little crazy. Wish us luck!

Title Lyrics: When Dreaming Gets Drastic – Go Radio

Do you like the Twilight saga? Why or why not? Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team Seth!?


Seems like everywhere I go, the more I see, the less I know. But I know, one thing, that I love you.

Hi hey hello,

Yesterday, I had another soccer game. We tied this time! 4-4, against our rivals. It was an amazing game. One of our goals was one of the most beautiful shots I have seen one of us make. He shot it from probably 30 or 40 yards out, it hit the underside of the crossbar, hit the ground and bounded back into the back of the net. The excitement which exploded from the team was astounding. You would have thought we had won some huge tournament or something. Shout out to JP for that shot!

On another note, I have discovered the song that I want to hear when I am upset. You know, that song that when you are mad and driving down the road, you wanna just roll your windows down and scream the lyrics. I do not know why this song has suddenly become this for me, but alas it has. The song is Misery Business by Paramore. I have not been in this exact situation that is described in the song before, but perhaps something similar, so maybe my brain relates that song with a hard time. I do not know, but it is interesting to watch this change over time. I think my last song was some song by Three Days Grace. Oh how music tastes change.

Title Lyrics: Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti and Spearhead  feat. Cherine Anderson

What song do you like to scream at the top of your lungs when you are upset? What about when you are happy?