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Hi hey hello!

I hope you all had a sensational weekend! Mine was pretty good, one thing was established though. I am absolutely the best big sister EVER.

I made this for my sister on Saturday. It was so yummy, time consuming, but yummy. It did subsequently collapse that night, but it was pretty while it lasted.

Sunday, I found out something interesting. First, I FINALLY went to Calvary, for the first time in like almost a month. It was awesome. Anyway, I went to Wakulla Youth last night and Josh told me something rather interesting. He was asking about what we learned last week (because he couldn’t remember) and he asked me what it was. He told me I should remember because I blogged about it. I was dumbfounded. I asked him if he actually read my blog, and he said “only when it concerns me, specifically Mondays.” I was like “…” Yeah. So, hi Josh.

He talked about something really awesome, but since this is already a wordy post, I’ll save that for tomorrow!

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Friday Favorites

Hi hey hello,

So, bringing it back! Friday Favorites! This week’s theme is inspired by all the amazing artists out there who make such amazing works, from jewelry to crocheted goodies. This week’s theme is: Homemade Goodies!

Clockwise, starting from top left. Birdcage Necklace: here  Thing One and Two Hats: here  Owl iPhone Case: here Doctor Who Bowtie: here

1. I absolutely love bird cages. I don’t know what it is about them, but they just draw my eye and in necklace form, that’s just all the better.

2. The Thing One and Two thing, I’ve loved since I was a child. When we brought my youngest sister home, we all had on shirts with our respective number on it. So, these just remind me of that, which brings a smile to my face.

3. Owls = WONDERFUL in my book. All day, everyday. Owls and iPhones, even better!  I love the contrast between the white case and the bronze owl.

4. This is just sheer perfection. First, it’s a bow tie. Second, it’s a Doctor Who bow tie. Third, it is covered in the creatures from Doctor Who. The irony of that is utter beauty, a Doctor Who bow tie.


What inspiring things have you found lately?


Your childhood home is just powder-white bones. And you’ll never find your way back.

Hi hey hello,

Sorry about the absolute lameness of Tuesday’s post and the lack on one on Monday… Honestly, Monday, the blog completely slipped my mind, and Tuesday, I was really wanting to get back to watching Doctor Who, as I was at the end of season four and itching to see what happened. Yeah… I know I started watching Doctor Who like a little over a week ago and I am already almost half way through season five. I am that annoying person that gets mega obsessed with something. Like you know that one song that I love, yeah, I will play it over and over and over… everyday… all day…anywhere… So, yeah, easily obsessive.

Anyway, I have been on a major baking binge. I made an absolutely amazing red velvet marble cake yesterday. It was delicious, topped with cream cheese frosting. SO WONDERFUL!


Sorry for the cruddy pictures. Anyway, it was sooo yummy! It is legitmately half way gone at this point. It is really that good, and I have big of a family.

I also made another batch of red velvet cookies, because they are just that good, and because I am gonna make a super cool treat for the 4th.

More on that special treat that will hopefully be completed later today, tomorrow. I say hopefully because I am heading down to Gretna, FL for some service time, at Love At Work. This is legitimately one of the best camps ever. Basically, you go spend a week in Gretna and fix the houses of people who cannot do it themselves. It is SO AWESOME. I love it. I was sick for the first two days, so sadly I couldn’t go for the whole week this year. :/ bummer! I get to go for one day with my best friend though, which is totally awesome!

Anyway, I am off to go serve and all that jazz. Do you guys have anything like this is your areas?

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I need space and fresh air. Let em laugh in my face, I don’t care. Save my place, I’ll be there.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you have had a good last few days. Sorry about the silence yesterday, I was out late with friends and was too tired when I got home to get a blog post up. Actually, as I write this it’s after midnight. I have been out late again, spending some much needed time with friends.
Anyway, I made something absolutely spectacular the other day. I made red velvet cookies. Literally, best thing ever. They may be the best cookie ever. I used this recipe and loved them. They were dealt easy to make and were delicious. I definitely recommend them.



Do you like red velvet cupcakes/cookies/froyo/goodies?

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It’s been a really really messed up week, seven days of torture, seven days of bitter…

Hi hey hello,

So, guys, I did it! I made my very own homemade rootbeer! First off, it was so unbelievably more delicious than any other rootbeer, even the glass bottle ones. Second, it was super easy to make, just some sugar water, rootbeer concentrate and sparkling water. I cannot wait to make some more, perhaps for a gift idea? It was so much fun and so easy. The kids also loved it!

I am just so excited that I made this!

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What do you guys like to make? Do you have a specialty?