So this is what you think about, but did you have to say it all out loud?

Hi hey hello,

As many of you know, Break Dawn Part 1 came out on Thursday of last week. My family being who we are, went and saw it yesterday. All of us have read the books, well my mom, dad, and myself have. My expectations of this were pretty low, like way low. I have always disliked the movies because I did not feel they were well done, the books were fine, but the movies were not so much, probably because I do not think Kristen Stewart can act and I am not particularly fond of Robert Pattinson, I do however love the young man who plays Seth Clearwater. I loved him in the books and I love Seth on the screen.

Overall, the movie was better than expected, but since my expectations were so low, perhaps that was not so hard to do. There is a racy scene in it, but for those who have read the books, everyone knew that was going to happen. I also thought it was a little more violent than the others. It was a good movie though.

On another note, I have another soccer game tonight. Since last week was production week, we did not have most of our team for practice. Because of this, we are having practice before the game, getting dinner, and then going to our game, which is a home game, at 7 pm. I love night games, but that is a little crazy. Wish us luck!

Title Lyrics: When Dreaming Gets Drastic – Go Radio

Do you like the Twilight saga? Why or why not? Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team Seth!?



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