And it feels like I am just too close to love you. So I’ll be on my way.

Hi hey hello,

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Mine was pretty fantastic! I got to go to Calvary on Sunday, which is always a plus. The only thing that I sort of don’t like about being an intern at Wakulla is that I have to miss Wednesday Night Bible Study at Calvary and for some reason it makes me feel like going less on Sunday mornings. Who knows?

Anyway, we are still going through a series at WUMC youth, I don’t know if I formally introduced it, but it’s about one of the few sermons Jesus taught, and the series we are doing is called… That’s What HE Said! Ha HA HA. You should be laughing hysterically. So, in this series we went through Matthew 5:13-16. Josh talked about a few points that were really great.

The first thing he said was mainly just talking about the series in general. He said that if I’m gonna trust God with my eternity, then I should very well trust Him with my life. It really only makes sense. If we trust God with our eternity, more time than we can possibly imagine, then why can’t we trust Him with this little snippet of time? It really just doesn’t make sense why we wouldn’t.

The next thing we talked about was that Jesus would have died for just me, if I was the only person on the planet, just as much as He would have for the 7 billion people  there are, but that doesn’t just apply to me. That same thing applies for that cute guy in your biology class or that mean chick in your history class. Jesus died for other people, not just me and the other “good people” that we deem worthy of salvation. He died for the terrorists, the murderers, the rapists, the kidnappers. The died for all those people and He wants all those people to come to know Him. He loves them, so we should too, even though it seems near impossible to love some people.

Thirdly, he talked about letting your light shine. So, that is “Christianese” for letting our faith show, living like the Bible calls us to, living our lives out loud for Christ. He said something so simple, yet with such profound consequence. He said, “Why not let your light shine?” There are so many reasons that we could come up with, but really, look at God and look at those excuses. God is SO MUCH BIGGER than all of those problems combined. People in China meet to praise God and to just get moments to look at the Bible, the ONE PAGE they have. They risk their lives to meet together, and they do it without even the slightest complaint, not a single thought for their own safety. I want to have that much faith!

What did your weekend consist of? What’s God teaching you right now?

Title Lyrics: Too Close – Alex Clare 



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